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Three Ways Rotten Trees Harm Your Yard

Three ways rotten trees harm your yard

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard! They help us out by providing shade and nourishment in the way of fruits and nuts. They also provide a great boost to curb appeal. Even at advanced ages, trees can still be useful if taken care of with regular tree trimming.

However, just like nourishing your trees with trimming is important, knowing when to schedule tree removal to remove trees that are at the end of life is just as vital. Tree removal is important to the ecosystem that is your landscape, as trees that are beginning to rot can do a lot of harm to:

  • Your lawn
  • Other trees
  • Bushes and other foliage

If you have a rotten tree on your property that's beginning to affect your landscape, call us today. Those old rotten trees can harm your landscape in many ways. Today, we're going to discuss three of the biggest ones.

#1: Rotting Trees Attract Pests

It may not seem like that old tree that's several hundred feet from your house poses a threat to your property, but it actually does. Rotting trees attract invasive pests, many of which can harm people, property, and pets. Some examples of the pests attracted by rotting trees include:

  • Termites
  • Wasps and hornets
  • Snakes
  • Field mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders

#2: Rotting Trees Make Other Trees Sick

If rotting trees are allowed to stay on your property for any period of time, they can decimate any fresh growth around them with disease. They may not take nutrients from them, but they can certainly ensure that trees and foliage nearby do not get what they need by making them sick. When this happens, it not only creates eyesores on your property, it also increases the risk of harm and illness for you, your family, and pets by attracting pests and encouraging the growth of harmful fungi.

#3: Rotting Trees Can Cause Property Damage

This is the biggest issue you'll face with old trees left on your property. If there's an old rotting tree near your house, it will eventually fall if it's not removed. You can't control where it's going to fall, and it can cause a major headache if it falls on your house or a vehicle.

Don't let older trees at the end of their life cycle cause issues for you or your landscape. Call us today to schedule a tree removal consultation or appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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